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Origin, History & Who is Who of Illathupillaimar


Illathu Pillai are Tamil speaking Community , spread over entire south Tamil Nadu. They are believed to be related linguistically or socio linguistically to group of words Elu / Hela / Seehala / Simhala / Salai /Seilandiba pointing all to the island of Srilanka. However solid proof of their origin is still elusive.

The Tirupparangkuntram inscription in Tamil, found near Madurai and dated back to first century BC, refers to a person as householder from Eezham (Eezha-kudumpikan). Similarly the 3rd Century inscription found in Arittapatti near Madurai talks about ‘Eelava perumal, Chief of Nelveli, has caused the carving of this auspicious cave’. The famous Kilavalavu Jain cave inscriptions of same period talks about Ezhavan who built Buddist monastry there.

In Periapuranam, one of the Nayanars, Enathi Nayanar , is referred to as Ezha origin.

Enathinatha Nayanar Puranam :

யாழ்ப்பாணத்து நல்லூர் ஸ்ரீலஸ்ரீ ஆறுமுக நாவலர் கத்தியரூபமாக செய்தது
ஈழக் குலச்சான்றா ரெயின னூர்வா
ழேனாதி நாதனா ரிறைவ னீற்றைத்
தாழத் தொழுமரபார் படைக ளாற்றுந்
தன்மைபெறா வதிசூரன் சமரிற் றோற்று
வாழத் திருநீறு சாத்தக் கண்டு
மருண்டார்தெ ருண்டார்கை வாள்வி டார்நேர்
வீழக் களிப்பார்போ னின்றே யாக்கை
விடுவித்துச் சிவனருளே மேவி னாரே

It says Enathi Nayanar belongs to Ezha kulam was A brilliant swordsman, a trainer and a general in the Chola military himself, he was also the tutor to the Chola princes in swordsmanship. He was a Shaiva, a devotee of the god Shiva. He became rich owing to his prowess and spent his wealth on serving the devotees of Shiva. Latter he wAs killed by his rival in the same profession disguised as Shiva devotee.

This shows that they are basically warrior in Cholo kingdom and subsequenty became Kalari Trainers / Chevakars in Chera Dynasty.

In all old big saivaite temples, Enathi Nayanar’s deity is also installed and worshipped along with other Nayanmars, How this has turned upside down in Kerala , after the arrival Nambodiris and Tulu brahamins?

Legend : According to a legend, a Pandyan princess named Alli married Narasimha, a Rajah of the Carnatic. The royal couple migrated to Ceylon and settled there as rulers. There descendants and adherents migrated to mainland and they were the ancestors . In south Travancore , they were known by the title of Mudaliyar, which is surname of a division of vellalas at Jaffna.

Matrilineal inheritance : Contrary to all the other Tamil communities , the inter-relation between the members of the community is based on ‘Thai vazhi’(only through the matrilineal system).

Illam : There are about five illams used in Tamil Nadu and South Kerala, viz 1. Palli illam 2. Moottillam 3. Chozhi Illam 4. Thoranathu Illam and 5. Manja nattu illam

According to another legend , the five illams originated as the children of five wives of ruler of the island (who has migrated to the island from the mainland), who were inter married . Then onwards the children inherited the illam of the mother and marriage between the same illam is considered taboo. While it is common for all other communities of Tamil nadu to marry the maternal uncle (mother’s brother), Illathu Pillaimar is the only community not practicing the unhealthy custom and they stand alone.

TThey are spread over Srilanka (Eezham ), Kerala and Tamil Nadu and called under different nomenclature viz. Ezhavar, Panikkar, Sirukudi Vellalar , illathar etc.

Sozhia Vellalars who are predominantly spread over Thanjavur , Nagapattinam areas of erstwhile Chola kingdom are also considered to be part of Sirukudi Vellalar / Illathu Pillaimar.

Ezhava of Kerala : The word Ezhava is believed to be derived from Ezham/Ilam and to have related to group of words pointing all to the island of Srilanka. The most widely accepted theory is that their origin go back to the dim past to those ancient pre-Tamil Sangam days. Their Tamil background gave them the God Muruga and Goddess Kali, and host of other village gods like Chathan, Chithan and Arathan. The theory of their existence in Srilanka (as Tamils) during first centuries cannot be ruled out.

Ezhavas served in the armed forces of all important kings of the Malayalam Region, such as Zamorins of Calicut , and Kings of Travancore and Cochin.

The word Ila refers to toddy, the they are involved in toddy tapping as well.

Ezhavas were well known Warriors, Kalari trainers and traders. There were also into the fields like Trading arrack, Traditional Toxology, Distillery, Toddy tapping, Fishing, Weaving etc.

Folklore and written records indicate they were also martial class. Famous warriors such as Unniyarcha, Aromal Chekavar were Ezhavas. Chera kings were actually villavars who were degraded after the arrival of Brahmins.

Ayurvedic practice, Traditional Toxicology, Farming Coconut, ship making , weaving, Theyyam, Mayilpeeli Thookam, Poorakkali, Parichamuttu kali, Makachuttu, Aivar kali etc are related to Ezhavas of Kerala.

Their continuous adherence to the Buddist culture downgraded them socially after the formation of Brahminical order in South India. This led to the mass conversion of Ezhavas to Christianity until the arrival of Sri Narayana Guru. The majority of the Christian and Central Travancore and especially those in the high ranges were originally Ezhavas and now ardent and orthodox Christians.

They have now become a minuscule minority in Tamilnadu, may be majority moved to western coast, because of similar environment and climatic conditions as in Srilanka.

Distinguished Persons of Tamil nadu

1. Madurai Muthu - First Mayor of Madurai Corporation

2. Nanjil Manoharan - Ex Minister

3. Shanmuga Sundram - Ex M.P and Supreme Court Lawyer

4. Arun Pandiyan – Actor , Ex MLA

List of Ezhavas

Ezhavas are the single largest caste based community of Kerala, India. Here is a list of some prominent personalities who are born in the Ezhava caste.

Spiritual Leaders

Social Reformers

Warrior and Martial Arts Experts

Political Leaders

Literary Figures

Famous physicians and Surgeons

Artists directors and actors

Other distinguished Ezhavas

Ezhava business Figures


Civil Servants

Judicial Services

MLAs in Previous Legislative Assembly

Ministers in New Assembly

MLAs in Current Legislative Assembly

List of MPs in the Indian Parliament

Spiritual Leaders

*Shree Narayana Guru Guru

*Nataraja Guru

*Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati

*Guru Muni Narayana Prasad

*Swami Bodhananda

*Vagbhatananda Gurudevar

*Bhikshu Dharmaskandha

*Brahmashri Swami Sashwathikananda

*Brahmashri Swami Sookshmananda 

Social Reformers

*Sree Narayana Guru

*Dr P. Palpu

*Kumaran Asan Poet and Social reformer

*Sahodaran Ayyappan

*T.K. Madhavan

*M. Gopalan

*Mithavaadi C. Krishnan

*Araattupuzha Velayudha Panikker

*Judge Ayyakutty

*K. Sadanandan Father of the Co-operative Movement in Kerala

Warrior and Martial Arts Experts

1. Aromal Chekavar

2. Unniyarcha

3. Chandu Chekavar

4. Kannappa Chekavar

5. Aromal Unni

6. Kannappan Unni

7. Arattupuzha Velayudha Panicker

8. Akathayyadi panicker - Chief commandor of ilayidath swaroopam(Kottarakkara kingdom)

9. Ambanattu panicker - Chief commandor of chempakassery Kingdom. Ref: Pathonmpatham noottandile keralam by Bhaskaranunni

10. Lokanatha Panicker - Chief commandor of kayamkulam kingdom

11. Patheenatha Panicker - Son of Lokanatha Panicker, Chief commander of kayamkulam kingdom who defeated Marathanda varma of travancore 3 times. The name of his tharavadau is Varanappally near kayamkulam where Sree Narayana Guru lived during his education from Kummapally Raman Pilla Asan. Ref: KK SN Directory.

12. Renakeerthy chekavar - Commandor of Marthandavarma. Ref: Travancore state manual.

13. Aringodar

14. Kuroolli Chekon known as Kadathanadan Simham, was an Thiyya warrior lived in the 19th century in South Malabar who fought against the caste oppression by the Savarnas.

15. Kottakkal kanaran gurukkal he was the guru of C V Narayanan nair who started CVN kalari.

16. Keeleri Kunhikannan a circus legend from thalassery. Hitler called him the jumping devil of India.

17. Muthedath Aramanakkal Kelappan Mannanar - An ezhava from north malabar,he is the one have the right to receive the outcasted ("smarthavicharam") namputhiri women. Ref:Sree Narayana guru suvarna rekhakal by G.Priyadarsan

18. Manakkadan Kunhambu Gurikkal- conducted a kathakali yogam in Erannholi

19. Karithotta Kochukunju Assan

20. Sri. Balakrishnan Munduchirayil, Kalari and Marma (vadakkan sampradayam) expert in Alappuzha

21. Panayam parambil Kittunni conducted a circus named Malabar Cannanore Circus in the year 1913

Political Leaders

*Pinarayi Vijayan,CHIEF MINISTER; former CPM Kerala State Secrtary; Politburo member.

*R. Shankar, former Chief Minister.

*C. Kesavan, former Chief Minister.

*V.S. Achuthanandan former Chief Minister of Kerala; former Leader of Opposition; Chairman of Kerala State Admin Reform Commission.

*K.K. Viswanathan Former Governor of Gujarat & Former President of SNDP Yogam

*Arangil Sreedharan First Ezhava Union Minister

*K.R. Gowri Amma Former Agriculture minister of Kerala

*V Muraleedharan, BJP former state president

*VM Sudheeran, Congress, former Assembly Speaker, KPCC President.

*KR Gouri Amma, former Communist leader, state minister, and present head of JSS party.

*Adoor Prakash, State Revenue Minister and head of Adoor-based Yamuna Group.

*Vayalar Ravi - Indian National Congress leader and Former Union Cabinet Minister.

*Mullappally Ramachandran, Congress, Former Union Minister.

*Veliyam Bhargavan, former CPI state secretary (deceased)

*P Thilothaman, MLA, Cherthala

*A Achuthan, MLA, Chittoor

*CB Chandrababu, CPI(M) leader, Alappuzha

*K Sadasivan, MLA, Kayamkulam.

*KP Rajendran, former Revenue Minister, Kerala

*C. Divakaran, former minister, Kerala.

*Binoy Viswom, former minister, Kerala.

*Mullakara Ratnakaran, former minister, Kerala.

*K. Pankajakshan - RSP leader and Former Minister of Kerala

*Susheela Gopalan - former Industry Minister of Kerala (deceased)

*Varkala Radhakrishnan, former state assembly speaker.

*K Babu, Congress, state minister for excise and ports, from Tripunithura

*A Sampath, Member of Parliament, CPM.

*Panniyan Raveendran, state CPI secretary.

*K Sudhakaran, Congress MP from Kannur

*P Karunakaran, CPI(M) MP from Kasaragod

*KP Dhanapalan, MP from Chalakkudy

*M Kamalam, former minister

*Mullappally Ramachandran, former Union minister.

*KK Viswanathan, former Gujarat Governor and ex KPCC president.

*CM Dinesh Mani, former Mayor, Kochi, CPI

*CH Kanaran, freedom fighter, trade union leader

*Azeekodan Raghavan, deceased, CPI(M) state secretary

*Veliyam Bhargavan, CPI former state secretary, deceased.

*Panniyan Raveendran, former CPI Kerala state secretary, former MP.

*K Pankajakshan, former all India general secretary of RSP.

*Prof TJ Chandrachoodan, all India general secretary of RSP

*PK Gurudasan, CPI(M) leader from Kollam who was labour minister under VS government.

*N N Krishnadas, former MP, CPI(M).

*VV Raghavan, former state minister

*MK Raghavan, former minister, ex general secretary, SNDP Yogam and SN Trust.

*CK Chandrappan, former MP and CPI state secretary.

*Dr EK Madhavan, former minister and Congress leader.

*MK Hemachandran, former minister, ex PSC member

*KP Viswanathan, former minister, from Thrissur.

*Advocate Sujanapal, former minister.

*CK Nanu, former minister.

*Thachady Prabhakaran, former finance minister

*CK Kumara Panicker, known as Vayalar Stalin, deceased.

*J Chittaranjan, trade union leader

*Krishnan Kaniyamparambil, former minister

*KP Prabhakaran, former minister.

*Babu Divakaran, RSP, former minister from Kollam, son of TK Divakaran.

*Nettoor P Damodaran, headed the Nettoor Commission for Backward communities

*Arangil Sreedhanran, former Union Minister.

*TK Ramakrishnan, was Kerala home minister, from Kochi.

*M Kamalam, was the second woman minister in Kerala.

*MT Padma, was a minister in Kerala.

*Suseela Gopalan, was minister in Kerala, MP, and wife of AK Gopalan.

*Kadavoor Sivadasan, former state minister.

*TK Divakaran, who was PWD minister in EMS and Achutha Menon governments.

*PK Gopalakrishnan, former deputy speaker, Kerala Assembly

*E Balanandan, former Politburo member of CPI(M).

*Varkala Radhakrishnan, also known as Annan, former assembly speaker.


*MV Jayarajan, CPI(M) leader

*V Muraleedharan, BJP state president, former ABVP national leader.

*Tushar Vellappally, Bharat Dharma Jana Sena (BDJS) national president

*Subash Vasu, BDJS national secretary, ex-Travancore Devaswom Board member.

*K Surendran, BJP leader and former Yuva Morcha leader

*Shobha Surendran, BJP Mahila Morcha leader

*M Liju, Youth Congress vice president

Literary Figures

*Sree Narayana Guru

*Kumaran Asan

*C. V. Kunhiraman

*C. N. Karunakaran

*Sarasakavi Mooloor S. Padmanabha Panicker

*Velutheri Kesavan Vaidyar - He for the first time in Kerala translated the Alankara and the grammer in simple Malayalam verses for which he was given a royal award (a gold bracelet) by the maharaja Visakham Tirunal , when many caste-Hindus were frowning at his audacity to tread in the sphere preserved for the priestly class.

*Perunnelli Krishnan Vaidyar - In November 1892 in Kottayam , an all-Kerala poets convention was held to determine the relative merit of the Malayalam poets , Perun-nelli could not lift the first price because in a poets conclave consisting of literary men mainly belonging to the obstinate conservative clan of the caste -Hindus, caste prejudice aganist him was heavier than his eligibility. Knowing well the injustice done to Krishnan Vaidyan , the elder Samoothiri of Calicut presented him with a copy of the book written by him in consolatory tone.

*Thottathil Kesavan Vaidyan - Disciple of Perunnelli .(It would not be out of place to mention that it had been the practice of a caste zealot Kottarathil Sankunni , not a Brahmin but a Thiyattunni{temple worker} to reject on frivolous grounds , poems of Ezhava poets sent for publication to the Bhashaposhini , a Christian edited periodical in his capacity as the literary member of its editorial board.He was notorious for his hostility to the Ezhava poets whom he kept disciminated as Ezhavas to exclude from literary platforms. He returned a poem written by Thottathil Kesavan Vaidyan alleging that there was one error of euphonic combination which in fact was not existing.Perun-nelli exposed his mendacious excuse for the rejection which was a stunning experience for Sankunni who thereafter confined his animosity aganist the Ezhava literary men within his own chamber.)

*Pallathu Raman

*Moorkoth Kumaran

*Moorkoth Kunhappa

*M. V. Devan

*S. K. Pottakkat - Second Malayali to win the coveted Jnanapith Award


*Sukumar Azhikode

*M. K. Sanu

*O. V. Vijayan

*M. Mukundan


*N. K. Damodaran

*Perumbadavam Sreedharan

*C. V. Sreeraman

*P. K. Balakrishnan


*M. K. Kumaran

*Nettur P Damodaran

*Dr.Kamaljith T.K.

*A.P. Udhayabhanu

*K. Damodaran

*K.P. Appan

*M.S. Banesh

*Muthukulam PARVATHI AMMA Poetess

*Kanayi Kunhiraman

*Manjula Padmanabhan

*Moorkoth Ramunni

*Punaloor Balan

*Pattathuvila Karunakaran

*Thirunalloor Karunakaran

*T. R. Ajayan

*V. Balakrishnanauthor

*P.K.Gopalakrishnan, Historian

*Haridas Valamangalam

*G. Vivekanandan Famous films "Kallicellamma" and "Shasthram Jayichu ManushyarThottu" are based on his books.He was KSFDC chairman.

*Anil Panachooran

*Champadan Vijayan Thalassery.

*Punaloor Balan

*Dr. Vellayani Arjunan

*S. N. Sadasivan

Famous physicians and surgeons

1. Itty Achudan,Source Provider to the compilation of 'Hortus Malabaricus'

2. Perunnelli Krishnan Vaidyar

3. Velandi Kunjiraman Vaidyar,Thalassery

4. Dr.Hari Thendankandy,Homoeopathic Physician (grand son of Velandi Kunjiraman vaidyar)

5. Dr.P.Chandramohan,Cardiothoracic surgeon,Vice Chancellor,Kannur University(Former Vice President,Sree Narayana Samskarika Samithi)

6. Late Dr.C.O.Karunakaran The founder of Thiruvananthapuram Medical college and its first principal. This is the first medical college in Kerala state. He was the president of the Indian Medical Association. Is the younger brother of the late C.O.Madhavan, former Chief Secretary.

7. Dr.K.N.ShyamaPrasad,Famous Neurologist,Sanker’s Hospital,kollam

8. Dr.C.K.Ramachandran,Former Principal Calicut Medical College

9. Dr.P.K.Gopalakrishnan,Dermatologist,Kochi

10. Dr. V.V.Baashi,Cardio Thoracic Surgeon,Chennai

11. Dr.S.K.Sreekumar,Embryologist,Infertility Specialist,Bangaluru

12. Dr.R.V.Jayakumar,Endocrinologist

13. Dr.Sivakumar,Senior Neuro Surgeon, Baby Memorial Hospital,Calicut

14. Dr.K.Venugopal. Chest Physician and Researcher,General Hospital. Eranakulam, Ph 9447162224

15. Dr K Joshy, Sree Narayana Medical Mission Hospital, Varkala

16. Dr.P.Premchand .MDFRCP Gastroenterologist London

17. Dr.P.R. Sreelatha,Paediatrician, Asso Prof, Medical College Alappuzha

18. Dr.K.Jagadeesan,A leading transplant surgeon of international repute and recipient of B.C.Roy award is the Founder-Director of K.J.Hospital and Chairman of K.J.Research Foundation. He served as the Honorary Surgeon to the President of India. Presently he is the President of International Medical Sciences Academy and Overseas Advisor to the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.

19. Dr.N.S.D.Raju, Ophthalmic Surgeon

20. Dr.V.K.Pushpangathan MBBS,MS Rtd from Health directorate Thiruvanathapuram

21. K.I Krishnan Vaidyan,Founder of Cochin Arya Vaidya Sala,Former Professor in Panchakarma,Govt. Ayurveda College,Tripunithura

22. Dr.Aysha Guharaj,Former Principal Calicut Medical College

23. Dr.Dayananda Babu,Former Professor of Surgery, Kottayam Medical College

24. M.P.Kunjan Vaidyan,Former Principal,Govt. Ayurveda College,Tripunithura

25. Dr.C.Ratnakaran,Former Principal,Govt. Ayurveda College,Tripunithura

26. N.K.Padmanabhan Vaidyar,(Developer of 'Kamilari')

27. Dr.Shaji Prabhakaran,Neurologist

28. C. R. Kesavan Vaidyar,Founder of Chandrika Soap

29. Dr.K.R.Rajappan,Plastic Surgeon,Chairman,Sree Narayana Medical College,North Parur, Son-in law of C. R. Kesavan Vaidyar

30. Dr.K.K.Gopinathan,Medical Director,Edappal Hospitals,Infertility Specialist

31. Dr.K.K.Rahulan,Former President,SNDP Yogam

32. Dr.M.N.Soman,Surgeon,Current President,SNDP Yogam

33. Dr.S.K.Anilkumar,Managing Director of Kerala Ayurveda Pharmacy Ltd,Aluva

34. Dr.Saroja Rahulan,West Fort Hospitals,Thrissur

35. Dr.T.K.Jayaraj,Chairman P.V.S Hospitals, Kozhikkode

36. Dr.P.K.Rajeev,Neonatologist, Amritha Hospitals, Kochi

37. Dr.Shanta Madhavan, Gynecologist

38. Dr.C.R.Agnivesh,Principal, Nangema Ayurveda College, Kolenchery

39. Dr. Diljit Karayil

40. Dr.Girija Gurudas,Gynecologist

41. Dr.G.G.Velayudhan,Gynecologist

42. Dr.Bahuleyan,Neurologist,Chairman Indo American Hospitals, Vaikom

43. Dr.R.Sivadasan, Neurologist, Medical College, Trivandrum

44. Dr.N.K.Jayaram,Homeopath, Tripunithura,Founder President of Institute of Homeopaths Kerala

45. Pokancherry House, Pokancherry Vaidyars were the Rajya Vaidyars of the Samoodiri Rajah, At present there are 4 Ayurvedic Physicians, among them are Dr. Jayatilakan who is a renowned for his cardiological wonders, Dr. Premlal, he was the Director of all kerala ayurvedic Drs.

46. Kakanatt Mami Vaidyar Rajya Vaidyar of Maharaja of Kochi, Guru of Keshavan Vaidyar

47. Dr Subhash CRAFT infertility clinic in Kodungallur

48. Kayikkara Govindan Vaidyar translated the Ashtanga Hridaya Samhita to Malayalam from Sanskrit

49. Dr.Sudheendra Ghosh- Famous pulmonologist of Trivandrum.Head of department,Respiratory medicine,Pulayanarkottah,Trivandrum.Nephew of late Dr.C.O.Karunakaran

50. Perunelli Krishnan Vaidyar

51. Dr.Sunil Rahulan Urologist

52. Dr.Ayyathan Gopalan Psychiatrist, Supdt Mental Hospital, Freedom fighter (grandfather of ex-minister Adv. A.Sujanapal)

53. Dr.K.Rajogopalan D A M (Diploma in Ayurveda) and M B B S. Recipient of many awards including Padmasree. President of Association of Ayurvedic physicians of Kerala

54. Dr.G.Vijayaraghavan Famous cardiologist. Now the Vice Chairman of KIMS Hospital,Thiruvananthapuram

55. Dr T.K Ravi Ayurvedic Physician and Managing Director of Cochin Ariya Vaidya Sala and Nursing Home Eroor,Tripunithura,Kochi.

56. Dr.Shaji Prabhakaran Wellknown Neurologist and Former Principal & HOD, Trivandrum Medical College. Chairman-Medical Mission Hospital.

57. Dr.S.Govindan Surgeon, professor. Founder of Govindan's hospital, General Hospital jn., Thiruvananthapuram

58. Dr. Suseela Prabhakaran Founder Director of Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Adviser in Ophthalmology to the Government of Kerala. Currently Chief of Divya Prabha Eye Hospital, Trivandrum.

59. Late Vairavan Vaidyar,1834 renowned famous Ayurveda Acharya.Founder of chavarcode Ayurveda family. S/o Ayurveda Physician SANKARAN Vaidyar.

60. Late Marthandan Vaidyar-1886,Kunju Sankaran Vaidyar-1885,CV Madhavan Kutty Vaidyar-, CV Marthandan Vaidyar-1889 Second Generation physicians of 'chavarcode Ayurveda family'. Marthandan Vaidyar was known as 'kottaram vaidyan', since he was posted as the chief consultant physician of travancore palace. Later lots of treatment histories he made and received valuable rewards from the Maharaja of Travancore.

61. Late CV Gangadharan Vaidyar-1905:1981,Bharathan Vaidyar-1909:1975,CN Karunakaran Vaidyar-1915:2000 Third Generation physicians of 'Chavarcode Ayurveda family'.

62. Padmashree Dr K Rajagopalan D A M, M B B S, Kollam - great Ayurvedic Physician, who has won several awards.

63. Ooraachery Gurunathanmaar Kandiyil Kannan vaidyar of ChokliFrom a place near Thalasseri was an Ayurvedic Physician - an eye specialist. His sons Kunhikannan Gurukkal, Othenan Gurukkal and Chanthappan Gurukkal and nephews (sister's sons) Kunhikoran Gurukkal and Kunhichandan Gurukkal were great scholars known as Ooraachery Gurunaathanmar. They taught Herman Gundert, malayalam and Sanskrit. With their help Gundert wrote the first Malayalam grammar book and the first useful dictionary of Malayalam.

64. VK Govindan Vydiar Famous ayurvedic Physician of Malabar

65. Dr Dinesan Athiodi, BAM, Ayurvedic Physician at Kakkattil, Kozhikode District.

66. Dr. K.C.Gopalakrishnan, formerly the Professor and HOD of Orthopaedics at Trivandrum Medical College,an expert in Joint replacement (mainly hip & knee), Spinal surgery for Scoliosis, Onco surgery, Arthroscopic surgery of knee joint and Complex Orthopaedic Trauma Management. He has the highest number of Limb Conserving Surgery in Kerala to his credit.

67. Dr(Prof) S.R Krishna Manohar, SCTIMST Professor, Cardiac Surgeon and Project investigator of Homograft

68. Dr. Baiju S. Dharan, Assistant Professor,Department of Cardio-Vascular and Thoracic Surgery, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum, Kerala

69. K Madhavan Vaidyar, Ayurvedic Physician,MAVP,Coimbatore. President's award winner for distinguished service, Ayurveda.

70. Vaidya Vachaspathi Late.Puliyakkadi Pappu Vaidyer @ Padmanabha Kurup(1918-1990), Born in a traditional Ayurveda family of malabar. Former President of Ayurveda Mandalam, Founder President of Kerala Ayurvedic co-operative society,Calicut.

71. Dr. Muthu Rathinam, Nuerologist, Muthu Neuro Clinic, Nagercoil

72. Dr. Sankarram, Avvai Hospital, Madurai

Artists directors and actors

*M. G. Ramachandran- Famous Tamil actor, mother was Ezhava

*Manoj Night Shyamalan Hollywood Director

*Amal Neerad Film Director

*Ambili Aravind, Famous Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattam Dancer, 'Kala Thilakam' at State School Festival, University Youth Festival

*Ayyappa Baiju ( Prashanth Punnapra)

*Biju Pappan Film Actor

*Chippi Actress

*Deepak Dev music director

*Devan Film Actor

*Gayatri Asokan Singer

*Harisree Ashokan Film Actor

*I. V. Sasi Film Director

*Indrans Film Actor

*Jayan/Jayavijaya, Karnatic Musicians

*Joshy Film Director

*K. P. Kumaran Script writer, Film Director

*K.R.Vijaya ,Film Actress

*K.K.Rajeev Film/Serial Director

*Kalavoor Ravikumar Film Director

*Kaviyoor Revamma Singer

*Kedamangalam Sadanandan famous story teller,native of North Paravur

*Kunhandi Film Actor

*Kuthiravattom Pappu Film Actor

*M. K. Arjunan Music Director

*Manoj K. Jayan Film Actor

*Mythili Film Actress

*Rima Kallingal Film Actres

*Raj Kumar, Kannada film Superstar ( Billawa )

*Mukesh Film Actor

*Narayanan Ramachandran Painter

*O. Madhavan Drama, Film Director

*P. G. Viswambaran Film Director

*Paravoor BharathanFilm Actor

*Pavithran Film Director

*Ponnambili Aravind, Famous Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattam Dancer, daughter of late Ambili Aravind, Former Film Actress now leading family life.

*Pramod Pappan

*Rajeev Anchal Film Director

*Ramachandra Babu Cinematographer, Tamil

*Ramu Karyat Film Director

*Rani Chandra Film Actress

*Ratheesh Film Actor

*Ravi K Chandran Cinematographer

*S. L. Puram Sadanandan Drama Artist, Director

*S. L. Puram Jayasurya Director

*Sainoj Late Playback Singer

*Saji Surendran Film Director

*Salim Kumar Film Actor

*Samvrutha Sunil Film Actress

*Sanusha Film Actress, father Thiyya, mother Namboothiri

*Sathyan Anthikkad Film Director

*Shaji N. Karun Film Director

*Shammi Thilakan Film Actor,Dubbing Artist

*Shibu Chakravarthy Music Director

*Shobi Thilakan Film Actor,Dubbing Artist

*Sithara , Film Actress

*Sreenivasan Film Actor, Script writer, Film Director

*Sreedevi, Bollywood Actress ( Billawa )

*Sunder Das Film Director

*T.Damodaran Producer, Script writer

*Thilakan Film Actor

*V. Sambasivan Story telling

*V.K.Sreeraman Film Actor

*Vidhu Prathap Singer

*Vijayasree Film Actress

*Vineeth Sreenivasan Film Actor, Singer

*Vineeth Kumar , Film Actor, ( Kanmashi Movie )

*Ajith R. Panickar Film Director, Architect, creator of the FIRST NET MOVIE, 'MAYILPEELITHAALU'

Up coming new generation actress

*Gayatri Asokan:Playback Singer in Kerala films and Hindustan Classical singer

*Samrutha Sunil:Famous Malayalam film actress.Debut film in LalJose directed “Rasikan”

*Chippi:Malayalam film actress.Debut film is Barthan directed patheyam.Wife of famous producer Renjith.

*Parvathy Ratheesh:Famous Mollywood actor Ratheesh’s daughter.Debuted in Mollywood with Madhura Naranga

*Sanusha:Started career in Mollywood as child artist and later turned to mainstream heroin.Father Thiyya, mother Namboothiri.

*Mythili:Real name is “Brighty Balachandran”:Malayalam Film artist

*Rima Rajan(Rima Kallingial): married Director Ashiq Abu.(Interfaith marriage)

*Sarayu :Malayalam actress and short film director.

*Surabhi Lakshmi:This naturally talented actress hails from Calicut.

*Namitha Pramod

*Rachana Narayanankutty:Mollywood actress and Famous TV personality

*Sithara :Famous playback singer from Kerala

*Krishna Prabha:This 27 year old Cochin based “Mollywood” actress is a professional dancer also


*Manjari Babu: South Indian play back singer

*Gayathri Arun:Kerala Television Serial actress

*Suja Karthika:30 year old Mollywood actress. Debut film is Rajes Rajasenan movie Malayali Mamanu Vanakkam

*Nimisha Suresh

*Avanthika Mohan

*Sadhika Venugopal:A well known model and the daughter of filmmaker Venu Sithara and actress Renuk

*Sithara and actress Renuk

*Suchitra Karthik Kumar:is an Indian Tamil Radio Jockey and Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu playback singer.She is the sister of famous Mollywood Director

*Deepu(Mamooty starred Fireman fame

*Lakshmi Priya:Mainly active in Mollywood doing Character roles.

*Parvathy Thiruvoth Kottuvata

*Malavika Wales: Debuted to Mollywood with the movie “Malar vaadi arts club” directed by Vineeth

*Sadhika Venugopal:Daughter of filmmaker Venu Sithara and actress Renuka,

*Avanthika Mohan

Other distinguished Ezhavas

*Vainu Bappu, Famous Astrophysicist. An Ezhava among the stars ( an asteroid located between mars and venus is named after him)

*Janakiammal, Famous botanist. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru invited her to come and work in India.

*Dr.K.S.Manilal, famous botanist. One of the few taxonomists of the world. He translated Hortus Malabaricus into English for the first time from Latin

*Jiji Ramesh,General Manager,Cochin International Airport

*S.Padmanabha Panicker First Ezhava Magistrate

*M.Ratna Singh [13]Former Advocate General of Kerala

*C.P Sudhakara Prasad [Advocate General of Kerala]

*M.N.Prasad Former Chairman of the Railway Board

*K.K.Damodaran nuclear physicist and former Head of Training at BARC

*K.Sukumaran, Founder of Kerala Kaumudi news paper

*Dr.T.K.Ravindran, Former Vice-Chancellor

*Prof.M.K.Prasad, Former Pro-Vice-Chancellor

*K.Anasuya Former Chief Engineer, KSEB.

*Ajith Thampan Chief Engineer(Environmental), KSEB

*Ajay Jadeja Cricket Player.. His mother is an ezhava from Allapuzha.

*S.Jadu Former head of Study on Cost of Cultivation, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt of India

*K.V.Deyal Noted Environmentalist

*r.R.Prasannan A distinguished Administrator and Author

*Late K.Vasudevan- Coal India

*Dr Pushpangadan Former Director of Botanical Garden, Palode, Thiruvanathapuram

*Dr.P.Jalaja HOD Chemistry. Maharaja's College,Ernakulam

*P.Jameela Joint Director,Police Forensic Science Lab

*A.Sukumaran IRSE, Railway Engineer, General Manager, Metro Railway, Kolkata

*Shine.Ravindra Creative Consultant Dubai, Most sought after branding creative for international brands

Ezhava business figures

*S D Shibulal, Executive Director and co-founder Infosys.

*M.P.Purushothaman,Chairman,Empee Group of Companies,Chennai(Empee Distilleries Ltd,Empee Sugars & Chemicals,Empee Hotels Ltd,Empee Power Ltd,etc.)

*Gokulam Gopalan,Chairman,Gokulam group of companies

*Narayanan Ramachandran,Chairman,Ganpat group of companies

*V.P.Nandakumar,Chairman,Manappuram Group of companies

*Gopalakrishnan, Elemecs wedding castle, kayamkulam,kannur

*M.P.Ramachandran,Chairman, Jyothi Laboratories

*T.D.Rajan,Chairman, Foam 'N' Foam,Chennai.

*K.Somasundaram, Shri Ram Cashews, Kollam

*K.Suresh, S.V.Cashew Company, Kollam

*Sindhu Satheesh,Director, Foam 'N' Foam,Chennai.

*Dr.V.P.Sidhan,Cholayil group of companies

*V.S.Pradeep,Cholayil group of companies.

*Dr.A.V.Anoop,AVA group of companies.

*T.R.Raghavan,Elite group of companies

*Ajit Balakrishnan,Chairman

*Prathap Suthan, National Creative Director, Cheil Worldwide

*Arun Balakrishnan, Chairman and Managing director of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation.

*C. R. Kesavan Vaidyar,Chandrika Ayurvedics

*N.K.Padmanabhan Vaidyar,NUPAL Remedies(Makers of 'Kamilari', 'Hair'o Max oil')

*P.V.Chandran,Chairman, KTC group of companies

*P. V. Gangadharan,Director,India Vision TV

*Gunasekaran Madavan,Founder President of Coimbatore dist. Electroplaters Assn. & Industrialist,Coimbatore

*N.Manikandan,Director of General Group of Companies,coimbatore

*P.V.Nidheesh,Director, Mathrubhoomi Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd, Kozhikkode

*C.C.Jayaram,Director, Mathrubhoomi Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd, Kozhikkode

*A.Balan,Chairman,K.R.Group of companies,Secretary,Tirur SNDP Union

*Sivanandan,Maharaja Textiles,Kochi,Secretary,Kanayannur SNDP Union

*Vishnu Bhakthan, New Rajasthan Marbles,Chirayinkil

*K.J.Anup,Grihalakshmi Rice ,Palakkad

*K.K.Karnan,Nirapara Sortex Rice

*Vipin Gopal(American businessman,created the first-ever webpages on Kerala and Malayalam in 1993)

*Gopu Nandilath,Chairman,Gopu Nandhilath Group,Thrissur

*Chandran Nandilath,Chairman,Chandran Nandhilath Group,Thrissur

*N.B.Lalsan,Managing Director,Central India Associates,Bhilai Steel Plant.

*Priya Anoop,Director,Cholayil group of companies.

*P.C.Madhavan,Co-Founder Jayasree Group,Calicut.

*Vellapally Natesan,General Secretary - S.N.D.P Yogam, Secretary - S.N. Trusts, Prince Hotels.

*Dr.Sidhan Founder of Medimix,Cuticura.

*P.M.Nanu, MD, Bombay Chit & Finance C/o Mumbai

*R.P.Lalaji CEO, Seaview Support Systems Pvt. Ltd. Technopark Trivandrum

*S.R.Anoop MD, Wave Online Infoway (P) Ltd, Kochi

*V.J.Reji Vasanth Founder & CEO of Mibiz Group [Mibiz,Mibiz Virtual University of Practitioners,Mibiz Knowledge Village,Mibiz CD-Roms,Mibiz Trading Consultancy]

*Pradeep Kumar, MD, Kelvin Business Forms (P) Ltd., Thiruvananthapuram, Keralam

*M.Suresh Kumar, Seagull International,Mumbai


*Paravoor Kesavan Asan(1859-1917) - The importance of journals and newspapers in the intellectual life of the Ezhavas was first realised by him. An exceptionally brilliant Sanskrit erudite belonging to an Ezhava family noted for its heritage in Ayurveda. He started the journal Sujananandini in 1892 which was widely acknowledged for its literary merit and which had fervently championed the cause of the Ezhavas.

*Sajeev Krishnan, Kerala Kaumudi

*Anil Adoor, Asianet

*Prashanth Reghuvamsham, Asianet news

*Leby Sajeendran, Manorama News

*G.Devaraj, Manorama News

*Anil Banarji, Director, Munshi

*B R P Bhaskar


*Late P.Vijayaraghavan

*The late K. Balakrishnan Editor of Kaumudi

*R.S.Babu Bureau Chief, Deshabimani

*Rajeev Srinivasan Columnist

*Kerala Kaumudi Group

*MS Mani, MS Ravi, MS Madhu, Deepu Ravi, CV Kunhiraman, K Sukumaran

*Kaumudi Balakrishnan, Valsa Ravi, MK Kumaran

*Bhasura Chandran (Kala Kaumudi), NP Chekkutty (Tejas);

*BRP Bhaskar, ex-UNI, ex-Deccan Herald, ex-Asianet

*Jaffarkhan, former Editor, Saudi Gazette (deceased), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

*Prem Chandran, former Editor, Khaleej Times, Dubai, UAE.

*Ashok Damodaran (Managing Editor, India Today)

*Rajeev Srinivasan – columnist

*Anil Banerjee, director, Munshi, Asianet programme

Civil Servants

*M.N.Prasad, Former Chairman Railway Board, Ministry of Railways, Government of India

*TM.K.Bhadrakumar I.F.S, Former Ambassador to various countries, Son of M.K.Kumaran (1915–1994) a famous writer, journalist and politician of Kerala

*C.O.Madhavan, Former Chief Secretary

*Ramesh Chandabhanu,Former Chief Secretary

*Dr.K.N.Raj, Former Vice Chancellor, Delhi University, New Delhi.

*M.Sivarajan,I.F.S, First Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Kerala

*R. Sankaranarayanan, Formerly Managing Director, Steel Authority of India

*T.N Jayachandran I.A.S, Former Additional Chief Secretary of Kerala,Former Vice Chancellor, University of Calicut

*M.N.Guna Vardhan,I.A.S, Current Principal Secretary to Govt. of Kerala, Water Resources Dept

*T.M SOMARAJAN,I.P.S., Former S.P Ernakulam Rural.,Winner of the President's 'Police Medal' for Meritorious Service 1989

*T.N.Jayadevan Former Director of Public Relations, Govt. of Kerala

*K.R.Rajan I.A.S, Former C.M.D,TELK,Angamali, Former District Collector, Ernakulam

*Dr. R. Prasannan,Former Secretary,Kerala Legislative Assembly

*Dr.M.C.Valson,Former Secretary,Kerala Legislative Assembly

*Adv.C.P.Sudhkara Prasd, Current Advocate General of Kerala

*Adv.M.Ratna Singh, Former Advocate General of Kerala

*K.G.Prem Shanker I.P.S, Current Transport Commissioner of Kerala

*V.R Rajeevan I.P.S, Current Additional Director General of Police, Kerala

*Geetha Sadasivan, Former Joint Labour Commissioner, Govt of Kerala

*P.Sulochanan,Former Zonal Director,Fishery Survey of India.

*R.Heli, Former Director of Agriculture, Kerala

*Dr.K.N.Raj, Former Vice Chancellor, Delhi University, New Delhi.

*Prof.M.K.Prasad, Former Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Calicut

*Dr.N.Babu,Former Vice Chancellor, University of Kerala, Former President, Travancore Devaswom board

*Dr.T.K.Raveendran, Former Vice Chancellor, University of Calicut

*Dr.Gangan Prathap, Former Vice Chancellor, Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT)

*T.M.Manoharan,I.F.S, Current Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Kerala,Former Chairman of Kerala State Electricity Board

*R.Sivadasan,I.R.A.S, Former Chairman of Kerala State Electricity Board, Current Member (Accounts),Railway Board of India

*Dr.P.Chandra Mohan, Former Vice Chancellor, University of Kannur

*Jija Madhavan Hari Singh, Director-General of Police (Fire and Emergency Services), Karnataka. She is the second woman IPS officer in India after Kiran Bedi.

*S.Sunil Raj, IA&AS, Currently Member(Accounts)Kerala Water Authority

*Mr.K Kailashnathan,I.A.S,Principal Secretary, Govt. of Gujarat , Son-in-law of T.R.Raghavan,Elite Group

*Dr.P.Mohan, Current H.O.D, Department of Commerce and Management Science, University of Calicut

*T.P Sen Kumar I.P.S, Current M.D, K.S.R.T.C

*Shri MK DevarajanIPS, DGP in Jaipur in the Rajasthan cadre

*K.R.Jyothilal,I.A.S, Current Secretary to Govt. of Kerala, Dept. of IT

*Dr.Uma Dathan, Former Director of Medical Education

*Dr.V.K.Jayapalan,Former Director of Medical Education

*Rao Sahib Adiyolil Appu, Deputy Collector in Malabar under British Malabar Presidency

*M G Manilal,Former Assistant Commissioner of Police Trivandrum ,Two time state award winner for best investigating officer

*Shri Narayanan RamachandranFormer Chief Engineer,Tamil Nadu Govt

*A.K.Rajan, Former Chief Engineer(Distribution-North),Kerala State Electricity Board

*Smt.Leela Bhai Gopal,Former Chief Engineer,Kerala State Electricity Board

*Smt.Jameela Prakasham,General Manager, State Bank of Travancore, Daughter of Sri.R.Prakasham, Ex.M.L.A

*Dr.Sugunaprasad, son of Nelliparambath Sukumaran , Former Head & Director , Animal Husbandry, Kerala (Hails from Kodungallur)

*Dr Rajeevan,son of Nelliparambath Sukumaran, Former Head, Dental College, Calicut, Kerala;Member - Dental Council of India(Hails from Kodungallur)

*M.Gopalan Former IG of Kerala

*Late P.P.Venugopal - Retd.Dy.Supdt of Police

*S. Chandrasekharan Former DGP of AndhraPradesh, Recipient of Gold Medal from N T RamaRao

*K.E.Rammohan Former Director General BSF

*M.K.Bhadrakumar Former Ambasador Turkey

*Padmanabhan IFS He is the father of Manjula Padmnabhan.

*P.N.SurendranIFS(Indian Forest Service), Rtd Principal Chief Conservator of Forests

*V.R.Rajeevan Additional DGP

*Ramesh Chandra Bhanu Additional DGP

*K.G.Premsankar Additional DGP

*Jeeja Harisingh Madhavan Additional DGP

*K.P.Somarajan Additional DGP

*T.P.Senkumar IG

*Asha Thampan IPS IG, Jharkand

*K.Jyothilal IAS

*Dr.B.Ashok IAS Now Pathanmathitta Collector

Judicial Services

*Ayyakkutty Judge,First Ezhava Magistrate in the princely State of Cochin, Secretary of Kochi Thiyya Mahajana Sabha

*Justice K.Bhaskaran Former Chief Justice of Kerala in whose tenure Justice

*K.G.Balakrishnan was inducted into judicial service

*Justice Usha Sukumaran Former Chief Justice of Kerala High Court

*Late S.Padmanabha Panicker (Varanappallil) First Ezhava Magistrate

*Justice K.Sankaran Former Chief Justice

*Justice T.C.Raghavan Former Chief Justice

*Justice K.Sreedharan Former Chief Justice

*Justice Sadashivan

*Justice K.Sukumaran

*Justice D.Sreedevi

*Justice A.Lakshmikutty

*Justice K.K.Narendran

*Justice R. Rajendra Babu

*Justice G.Sasidharan

*Justice G.Sivarajan

*Justice K.Hema

*Justice K.R.Udayabhanu

*Justice S. Siri Jagan

*Justice S.Padmanabhan Former Sitting Judge Mullaperiar Dam Case

*Justice T.V.Ramakrishnan

*Justice C.S.Rajan

*C.P.SudhakaraPrasad Advocate General of Kerala

*P. Vijayaraghavan Famous criminal lawyer of Kollam

*V. Sugathan Special Prosecutor in Kalluvathukkal hooch case

*Panakkal Velayudhan (Late) Famous lawyer and social reformer of Kozhikode

*K. Sadanandan Famous lawyer and social reformer

*M.Ratna Singh Former Advocate General of Kerala

*V.Ayyappan Former Advocate General of Kerala

*S.Sudhakaran Former Advocate General of Kerala

*Kallada Sukumaran Former Director General of Prosecutions

*LateT.V.Prabhakaran Eminent criminal Lawyer

*K.P.Dantapani Eminent High Court Lawyer

*Dr. G. Mohan Gopal former Director (Vice Chancellor), National Law School of India, Bangalore; former Chief Legal Counsel of the World Bank, Washington, DC; former Adj. Professor, Georgetown University Law Center, now Director of the National Judicial Academy of India, Bhopal

*A.Sudhi vasudevan eminient lawyer in kerala High court and grandson of Rao Sahib Atiyolil Appu.

*Adv.K.Babyson PSC Board Member.

*Adv.V.Ramesan , Varkala

*Adv.V.V.Sidharthan Eminent lawyer of High Court

*Adv.C.K.Vidyasagar Eminent lawyer of High Court in Civil laws, Former President,S.N.D.P Yogam

*Adv.Govind Bharathan Eminent lawyer of High Court

*Adv.Sugunapalan Eminent lawyer of High Court, uncle of V.R.Rajeevan, I.P.S

*Adv.Rajan Babu Eminent lawyer of High Court, Legal Advisor to S.N.D.P Yogam

*Adv.Prasad Gandhi Eminent lawyer of Vanchiyoor District Court and was Counsel to Mariam Rasheesda in ISRO espionage case.

*Adv.T.G.Rajendran Eminent lawyer of High Court, M.R.Singh & Co

*Adv.M.Shahier Singh Eminent lawyer of Calicut District Court, Shahier Singh Associates

*Late.K.R.Viswambharan District Magistrate

*K.V.Sachidanandan.Vice Chairman Central Administrative Tribunal

MLAs in Previous Legislative Assembly

*Shri M.V. Govindan Master from Taliparamba

*Shri M.V. Jayarajan from Edakkad

*Shri P. Jayarajan from Koothuparamba

*Shri K. Achuthan from Chittoore

*Shri V.S. Achuthanandan from Malampuzha

*Shri K. Babu from Thrippunithura

*Shri Babu Divakaran from Kollam

*Shri T.K. Balan from Azhikode

*Shri Binoy Viswam from Nadapuram

*Shri K.A. Chandran from Kollengode

*Shri M.A. Chandrasekharan from Vadakkekkara

*Smt. Girija Surendran from Sreekrishnapuram

*Shri K.K. Jayachandran from Udumbanchola

*Shri K.V. Kunhiraman from Uduma

*Shri C.K. Nanu from Badagara

*Shri Adoor Prakash from Konny

*Shri G. Prathapa Varma Thampan Chathannoorfrom

*Shri Vakkom Purushothaman from Attingal

*Shri A.N. Rajan Babu from Karunagappally

*Shri K.P. Rajendran from Cherppu

*Shri T.P. Ramakrishnan from Perambra

*Shri A.C. Shanmugha Das from Balussery

*Shri K. Sudhakaran from Kannoore

*Shri D. Sugathan from Ambalapuzha

*Shri A. Sujanapal from Kozhikode-1

*Shri P.S. Supal from Punaloor

*Shri K.P. Viswanathan from Kodakara

*Shri T.K. Devakumar from Haripad

 Ministers in New Assembly

*Shri V.S.Achuthanandan

*Shri P.K.Gurudasan

*Shri K.P.Rajendran

*Shri Mullakkara Rathnakaran

*Shri C.Divakaran

*Shri Binoy Viswam

MLAs in Current Legislative Assembly

*K.V.Kungjiraman from Uduma

*K.Kungjiraman from Trikkarpur

*M.Prakasan from Azhicode

*K.Sudhakaran from Cannanore

*Kadannappally Ramachandran from Edakkad

*P.Jayarajan from Kuthuparamba

*K.K.Shylaja from Peravoor

*Binoy Viswam from Nadapuram

*K.K.Lathika from Meppayur

*A.K.Saseendran from Balusseri

*V.S.Achuthananandan from Malampuzha

*A.Achuthana from Chittur

*M.Chandran from Alathur

*Adv.V.S.SunilKumar from Cherpu

*A.K.Chandran from Mala

*K.P.Rajendran from Kodungallur

*C.M.Dineshamani from Palluruthy

*K.Babu from Thrippunithura

*K.K.Jayachandran from Udumbanchola

*V.N.Vasavan from Kottayam

*P.Thilothaman from Sherthalai

*C.K.Sadasivan from Kayamkulam

*K.C.Rajagopal from Aranmula

*Adoor Prakash from Konni

*Mullakkara Rathnakaran from Chadayamangalam

*C.Divakaran from Karunagapally

*P.Gurdasan from Quilon

*Adv.N.Anirudhan from Chathanoor

*Anathalavattom Anandan from Attingal

*J.Arundhathy from Vamanapuram

List of MPs in the Indian Parliament

*Vayalar Ravi Rajyasabha MP

*A.Vijayaraghavan Rajyasabha MP

*P.R.Rajan Rajyasabha MP

*Panniyan Raveendaran from Thiruvananthapuram

*Varkala Radhakrishnan from Chirayinkeezhu

*C.K.Chandrappan from Thrissure

*N.N.Krishnadas from Palakkadu

*P.Karunakaran from Kasarcode


*Ajay Jadeja His mother is an ezhava Alappuzha

*Aparna Balan

*Chitra K. Soman

*Suresh Babu Former Olympian

*Bineesh K Shaji

*Mahitha Mohan

*B.S.Sreeharshan Former State/National Foot ball player

*PK Priya Relay medalist CWG 2010, New Delhi

*P.Prashanth, Cochin Tuskers IPL team Bowler

*P.R.Sreejesh, Indian Hockey Team Goalkeeper & Captain


*Dr K R Sivadasan, Former Dean, Department of Education, University of Kerala

*Dr K Ushakumari, Principal, SN Training College, Nedunganda

*Dr PK Radhakrishnan, Vice Chancellor, Kerala University.

*Dr N. Babu, former vice chancellor of Kerala University.

*Prof MK Prasad, ex VC, Calicut University

*Dr TK Raveendran, ex VC Calicut University

*Dr Gangan Pratap, ex VC, Cusat.

*Dr P Chandramohan, ex VC, Kannur University.

*Dr CP Sivadas, Professor and Head of Department, English, Calicut University.

*Dr PKG Vijayaram, Professor and Head of Department of English, St Joseph's College, Calicut.

*Dr PT Balan, Professor and Head of Department of English, Govt Arts and Science College, Kozhikode.

*Dr Chovi Gurukkal, Sanskrit Scholar


*A. Ayyappan

*Dr.K. S. ManilalEmeritus professor Dept.of botany, University of Calicut. He has done excellent work on taxonomy of angiosperms, ethnobotany and there are so many noteworthy books into his credit. He translated hortus malabaricus into English and is available in several volumes.

*Dr.R.Prakash ,Agricultural Scientist, Kerala Agricultural University

*Thanu Padmanabhan

*Vainu Bappu - One of the most famous astronomers of India .

*Dr.Pathiyoor Gopinath, Agricultural Scientist

*Dr.Pushpangadan- Formerly director of Tropical Botanical garden and Research Institute, Trivandrum; National Botanical Research institute- Lucknow.

*A well known environmental conservationist and ethnobotanist. He was the spearhead in the discovery of a rejuvenating traditional medicine used by kani tribes of Trivandrum from a plant popularly known as Aarogya pacha.

*E.K. Janaki Ammal- A renowned Botanist and one of the pioneers in Ethnobotanical research in India. The botanical herbarium of Regional Research Laboratory, Jammu (CSIR) is named after her and there is an award given by ministry of environment and forests, govt. of India known as Prof. E.K.Janaki Ammal award given to outstanding researchers in the area of biodiversity studies

*Dr V K Vijayan - Director of V P Chest Institute, Delhi.

*Dr. Gangan Prathap is Director, NISCAIR, New Delhi. Earlier, he was VC of CUSAT. He had the first rank in JEE 1969, and in 1990, was awarded the S S Bhatnagar Prize in Science and Technology.

*Dr.K. Damodaran He is the first Indian who took the PHD in Nuclear Physics. He is the founder of Narayana Mandira Samithy at Bombay. He was the former director of BARC

Freedom Fighters

*P. Udhayabhanu


*K. Kumaran(Mahe Gandhi)

*Nettur. P. Damodaran



*Dr.K. N. Raj

*Dr.M Sarngadharan,Director, CONSPI Academy of Management Studies, Thiruvananathapuram, Formerly Head of the department of Commerce, University of Kerala; Formerly Administrator, Sree Narayana Dharmasangham, Sivagiri, Varkala, Kollam

*Dr.D Shina, S N College, Kollam

*K S Bahuleyan

Military Commanders and others associated with Military services

*Muthedath Aramanakkal Kelappan Mannanar - An ezhava king from north malabar. Ref:Sree Narayana guru suvarna rekhakal by G.Priyadarsan

*Akathayyadi panicker - Chief commandor of ilayidath swaroopam(Kottarakkara kingdom)

*Ambanattu panicker - Chief commandor of chempakassery Kingdom. Ref: Pathonmpatham noottandile keralam by Bhaskaranunni

*Lokanatha Panicker - Chief commandor of kayamkulam kingdom

*Patheenatha Panicker - Son of Lokanatha Panicker, Chief commander of kayamkulam kingdom who defeated Marathanda varma of travancore 3 times.

*The name of his tharavadau is Varanappally near kayamkulam where Sree Narayana Guru lived during his education from Kummapally Raman Pilla Asan. Ref: KK SN Directory.

*Renakeerthy chekavar - Commandor of Marthandavarma. Ref: Travancore state manual.

*Kallassery velayuthan chekavar - (Arattupzha velayudha panicker)A social reformer and great warrior from kayamkulam, who made the first Ezhava Siva prathishta even before Guru.

*Vice Admiral Raman Prem Suthan - Former deputy chief of Indian Naval Staff.

*Brigadier Ajith Sigh AVSM Hailing from Ranni.

*Brigadier TK Murali- Deputy Director General,National Cadet Corps (Kerala & Lakshadweep) hailing from N Paravoor

*Rtd. Air Commodore K. Ravindranath Son of former Chief Minister of Kerala C. Kesavan and elder brother of Ex. MP K. Balakrishnan Mayyanad.

*Air Commodore Ram Sreedharan Helicopter Pilot and Flying Instructor

*Colonel Moorkoth Giridhar Thalassery

*Lt.Colonel E.Pavithran (Retd.) Calicut.

*Major Gen S.N.Rajan Army Service Corps, Western Command, has been awarded the President's Visisht Seva Medal (VSM) in 2005. He is a native of Mayyanad in Kollam district.

*Air Marshal Sadhashivan Radhakrishnan Senior Air Staff Officer (SASO) of the IAF’s Training Command, Bangalore.

*Moorkoth Ramunni He was the first pilot from Kerala of the Royal Air Force(Later Indian Air Force). He also fought against Japan in the IInd world war.

*K.K.Sidhan, Rtd. Warrant Officer , Indian Air Force , Participated in India - Pak Wars & India- China War. Hailing from Krishnapurathu family,Ranni and now settled at Kochi.


*Kanayi Kunhiraman, genius of a sculptor, Yakshi of Malambuzha etc

*Narayanan Ramachandran,painter

*Prakash Anchal, DesignEditor, GulfToday, UAE.


*Dr KN Vainu Bappu - astrophysicist. An asteroid between Mars and Venus is named after him.

*Manoj Night Syamalan, Hollywood director

Some Scientific Studies on Ezhavas

*Unlikely cousins: Ezhava and Jat Sikh

*The basis of AIT(Aryan Invasion Theory) has been tested by several genetic diversity studies. DNA samples taken from thousands of Indians have been compared with population groups from other parts of the world, particularly Europe and Central Asia.

*The latest one is from Kerala, which is my home state on India’s south-western coast. According to the study, two entirely different castes – Ezhava, also known as Thiyya in northern Kerala, and Jat Sikh of Punjab – show remarkable genetic similarity.

*In fact, Ezhavas showed more genotypic resemblance to the Jat Sikh population of Punjab, Turks and Germans than to East Asians, says the study by the Department of Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering at the Sree Budha College of Engineering in Pattoor, Kerala. It was conducted by department head Dr Seema Nair, Aswathy Geetha and Chippy Jagannath under the aegis of Dr K. Sasikumar, the chairman of the institute. It has also been published in the Croatian Medical Journal.

*Before we jump into the study, here’s a little note about genetics. For various reasons, DNA material undergoes slight alterations or mutations in the course of time. The mutations then become characteristic of the line of descendants. These mutations, or genetic markers, are organised into categories called haplotypes. Basically, your haplotype is your genetic fingerprint.

*The Sree Budha study examined DNA from the Y chromosome, which is also known as the male chromosome because it is found only in males. More specifically, it examined Y Short Tandem Repeat (Y STR) DNA present in the Y chromosome. As these DNA sequences are passed from father to son, it is also useful in forensics and paternity testing.

*The Ezhava population was compared with other Indian populations and with selected world populations in order to investigate the pattern of paternal contributions. Nair’s team examined 104 haplotypes among the Ezhavas. Ten were found identical to the Jat Sikhs, which is the highest number among Indian populations, and four to the Turkish population, which is the highest among European populations.

*"The comparison suggests a genetic link between the populations," says Nair. Ezhavas, she argues, are genetically more similar to Europeans (60 percent) than to East Asians (40 percent).

*My interaction with Nair, who comes across as witty and erudite, was primarily fuelled by my search for my own roots. I belong to the same Ezhava community, which is at the centre of this research.

*The Ezhavas have an intriguing history. The most persistent belief is that they are the original people of Kerala – the soldiers of the Villavar (archer) community which founded the Chera kingdom. It is a measure of their martial traditions that among the Ezhavas are the Chekavar – the only kamikaze group of fighters known in Indian history.

*What is intriguing about the study is that the Ezhavas, a Dravidian group, are now being described as closer to Jat Sikhs, Europeans and Central Asians.

*In terms of physical appearance, the Ezhavas are brown Caucasians. However, typical of many Indian communities, there are plenty of very dark and very fair people among them.

*On the other hand, the Jat Sikhs who live 3000 km up north are a lot fairer. Plus, Jat Sikh surnames such Mann, Bader, Brar, Dhillon and Virk have an uncanny Germanic resonance.

*Indeed, it is worth mentioning the during the early part of the 20th century Sikh immigrants to the US convinced the Immigration & Naturalization Service to grant them white status. Those days only white Europeans were allowed to enter the United States as immigrants. However, later the INS wised up to the fact that the Sikhs “weren’t that white” and again categorised them as Asian.

*So there you have it. One group of Indians, the Ezhavas, and another group, the Jat Sikhs. The only thing they have in common is a martial tradition. And yet you have this study asserting that the two communities – that have never mixed and live thousands of miles away – are closer genetically than to communities that live close by.

Background to the Kerala study

So what was the reason for the study? “Though such studies have been conducted in many populations in India as well as abroad, the genetic profile of the Kerala population based on Y STR has not been documented so far,” says Nair. “Also the origin of Kerala's non-tribal population has been a matter of contention for centuries. While some claim that Negritos were the first inhabitants, some historians suggest a Dravidian origin for all people of Kerala. Others say the Dravidians originated from the Mediterranean and so on.”

When I argued that Indians overall are genetically similar, Nair was vehement they are not. “If you look at the historical or genotypic data, Indian communities are highly diverse and of varied origin,” she says.

So the conclusion is? “Ezhavas have European paternal lineage, which is not surprising considering that Aryanisation has led to genetic mixing between Aryans and Indian populations in the north as well as the south,” says Nair. “Through Y STR we cannot determine whether Ezhavas originated from European populations or Europeans originated from Kerala/Indian populations. Historical data suggest gene flow from Europe to India not vice versa.”


Genetic study

Studies of the distribution of alleles on the Y chromosome, microsatellite DNA and mitochondrial DNA in India have cast overwhelming doubt for a biological Dravidian race distinct from non-Dravidian in Indian subcontinent. This genetic genetic study which show that the allelic distribution of Ezhavas in a bi-dimensional plot (correspondence analysis based on HLA-A,-B,-C frequencies) has a rather strong East Eurasian element due to its proximity to the Mongol population in the same plot.

Various theories regarding the origin of Ezhavas

1. The land east of Tigris in Iran, now called Khuzistan was once called Elam, a civilization that flourished five thousand years ago had distinctive culture and language similar to that of the Dravidians. They crossed the Tian Shan mountain ranges which lies to the north and west of the Taklamakan Desert in the border region of Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan and Xinjiang province of China and in to the northern areas of Pakistan where it joins the Hindukush. Hence the name Thiyyas were designated to Ezhavas in northern Kerala as they came from beyond the Tian mountains.

2. According to the “Vadakkan Pattukal” a long standing legend Ezhavas arrived by sea from Ezham which is interpreted as the present day Srilanka. The king of Ceylon sent four bachelors to establish coconut farming in Kerala in the 1st century A.D at the request of Chera king Bhaskara Ravi Varma. And their progenies were called as Ezhavas/ Thiyyas throughout Kerala.

3. Ezhavas are a group of Munda-Dravidians who eloped from Tamilnadu to escape from the hands of their political allies and setteled alongside the fishermen of Kerala and formed a part of the original ethnic population. They were later outcasted by the Namboothiris in 5th century B.C onwards.

4. A migration theory which ties the Ezhavas with the ancient Phoenicians who supposedly arrived by sea in the Gujarat and Sind area about 5000 B.C and who eventually established the Indus Valley Civilization. In this case Ezhavas are a part of the Dravidian stock which was pushed eastward and southward by the invading Aryans in the 2nd millennium B.C.

5. Ezhavas are the descendents of the early Dravidian settlers of Kerala. Other than the Namboothiri Brahmins who arrived from the north in the 5th century B.C, the black outcastes such as the Parayas, Pulayas,Ulladas etc who were the aboriginal tribes in the area and the Syrian Christians who migrated from the Middle East all other communities of contemporary Kerala descended from the same ethnic group.

6. Ezhavas were the followers of Buddhism and hence they were made outcaste by Brahminic domination. The arguments that support Buddhistic past of Ezhavas are the preponderance of Ezhavas in disciplines like Ayurveda and Astrology that has grown significantly in Buddhist India.

7. Ezhava has a strong ethnic similarity with the Nair community in rituals connected to death, cremation, childbirth, menstrual period of women etc that add weight to their common heritage. Ezhavas alongside with Nairs served as Chekavars(warriors) in the armed forces of important kings. Mannanar dynasty of Malabar are the royal families of Ezhavas who maintained their royal status even after the Brahmanization of Kerala.


The origin of Ezhavas is shrouded in mystery. One of their folk ballads (Vadakkan Pattukal), which celebrates the twelfth-century Aromal Chevakar, says: "Our ancestors of old/Had their home in the land of Lanka." The poem in question dates only from the eighteenth century, and as such it is not a reliable guide to the prehistoric origins of the Ezhavas; their profession of tapping the palm for toddy has created the legend that they brought the coconut palm from Sri Lanka to Kerala.

In North Malabar they are called Tiyans, but in the south they are known as Ezhavans and Chovans. The etymology of the words Ezhavan and Tiyan is traced to Izham, an old name for Sri Lanka and Dweepan (Sanskrit), "islander." The word Chovan is supposedly derived from sevakan (servant). One thing about them is certain: they are as old or even older than any other ethnic group in Kerala; they are referred to in the ninth century Tharissa Pally Charter, and in the Thanjavur Charter of Raja Raja Chola. Their profession was not restricted to tapping coconut palms for toddy. They were primarily farmers, as indicated by the Tharisa Pally Charter. They were also soldiers by profession all over Kerala.

Many historians point out the connection between the Buddhists and the Ezhavas.  For instance, the two gods of the Ezhavas, Cittan and Arattan  are respectively Buddhist-Sidhan and Arhatan, according to C. V. Kunjuraman. Further, the Pandarams who perform priestly duties in Ezhava temples are considered to be successors of Buddhist monks.  T. K. Veluppillai, the author of The Travancore State Manual, believes that during Buddhist ascendancy in Kerala, before the arrival of Tulu Brahmins, "the Ezhavas enjoyed great prosperity and power" (II, 845).  It is very unlikely that the Ezhavas came from Sri Lanka and spread all over Kerala in large numbers from the south to the northern boundary.  They were rather the mainstream of Munda-Drsvidian immigrants who left Tamil Nadu in the fifth, sixth, and seventh centuries to avoid persecution at the hands of their political enemies

Compiled by A.Pitchayya Pillai for www.


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