We maintain the site as a free service, just only to receive details as furnished for use of the matrimonial alliance seekers from our community. As this is a free website, we do not collect any fees for registering the profile. We do not accept any gift once the marriage is settled. The details furnished in the profile is as filled in by the parents/relative of the prospective bride/groom. We have absolutely no source to verify the correctness of the details furnished in the profile.

Illathu Pillai are Tamil speaking Community , spread over entire south Tamil Nadu. They are believed to be related linguistically or socio linguistically to group of words Elu / Hela / Seehala / Simhala / Salai /Seilandiba pointing all to the island of Srilanka. However solid proof of their origin is still elusive.

The Tirupparangkuntram inscription in Tamil, found near Madurai and dated back to first century BC, refers to a person as householder from Eezham (Eezha-kudumpikan). Similarly the 3rd Century inscription found in Arittapatti near Madurai talks about ‘Eelava perumal, Chief of Nelveli, has caused the carving of this auspicious cave’. The famous Kilavalavu Jain cave inscriptions of same period talks about Ezhavan who built Buddist monastry there.